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While we’re happy to see any innovative start up succeed, we’ve been really dissappointed with the constant downtime on Tumblr.  So, we’ve moved our blog over to a more stable platform hosted on our server.   Please update your links and visit us often for design updates:


See you there!

House JA

This doublehouse is actually an expansion of a semi house. The architects doubled the living space by connecting two houses, but the extension on the outside was coated with only one material to prevent further heterogeneity. The spacious new area of the house is bathed in light because of the outlouk on the countryside. The old combined with the new, the peaceful view and the light that wanders through the living spaces, give the house an attractive and exceptional value in the Flemish countryside.



Portland-based studio, Quartertwenty has some lovely industrial details blended into their furniture and accessory designs.  See their work on Etsy.

One beautiful cutting board.  Wonder who makes it?  
Photography by Line Klein.

One beautiful cutting board.  Wonder who makes it?  

Photography by Line Klein.

Laurent Corio

Feeling Rustic Today

Thank you Leslie Williamson.

Let it snow!

And we can keep warm by the Wuehl Yanes stove, that is :)

Are you in Auckland?

If so, be sure to check out the Simon James Concept Store - ’100 Ideas for Christmas’. Lot’s of amazing designs to give for the holidays!

Tis The Season.

Tara from Ink + Wit has designed these lovely wrapping papers….just in time for the gift giving!  Buy it here.